Application Development

What is Application Development?

Application Development, also referred to as software process, software lifecycle or software development, is the development and/or enhancement of your software product in a planned and structured process. App Dev involves creating programs or a set of programs to perform tasks independently or jointly with your chosen commercial packaged software. The purpose is to establish and/or isolate unique characteristics that might not be available or visible as part of your orginial out-of-the-box solution. 

Why does my organization need Application Development?

In today's ever-changing technological world, evolving business issues and technological challenges may force you to consider enhancing or customizing your current IT environment. You may need to explore purchasing a new commercial software package or ERP altogether. Even if you purchase and implement a new ERP, you may still need customizations to meet the unique requirements of your business. 

Why choose Vizion Solutions as your App Dev Partner?

Vizion solutions can help your organization build applications to bridge functionality gaps within your ERP portfolio. Our experienced development team operates from a fundamentally sound development methodology with a customer-focused, consultative style. Our Application Development team and success managers work with your organization's decision-makers and project teams to identify and recommend cost-effective solutions. 



Vizion Solutions is not just a vendor, we are your full-service App Dev partner, assisting through all the stages of the App Dev process. 


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