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Better Your Data Process, Free Up Your Time

Business Intelligence is at the forefront of better data management. How big is your backlog of projects that you want to accomplish to better the company? Automating your data analytics and reporting allows you to focus your efforts on projects you want to do, rather than wasting time gathering data and writing reports. Want to complete those projects so you can show your boss what you've got?

Not only can you free up your time, but our solutions offer apps that are available on all devices and allow you to capitalize on a tool customized to what's relevant for you. This allows opportunities for new ideas and growth to rise to the surface of the data it's often buried under. You need an affordable set of tools that allow for a streamlined data process that establishes integrity, governance, organization and utilization. 

Better Your Service While Lowering Cost

When you invest in data solutions, long-term costs can lower dramatically. Spending less on your data in-house allows you to budget for new innovations and improvements. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the rise and it's all about automating to better efficiencies. What happens when AI technology or automated software doesn't work?

Departments call you, IT. Our solutions are backed by our consulting knowledge; We can partner with you to help you best utilize our solutions while allowing you to focus on projects or other areas that need your attention. This means using our tools doesn't come with more troubleshooting work for your front line. 

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Our apps are mobile friendly, with interactive dashboards, information and reports can be seen at high-level or drilled down to more specific information.

Harness the Power of Your Data with Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics service that takes all of your company's data and transforms into data sets, interactive reports and dashboards. Vizion360 Impact Analytics is Vizion's Power BI software that offers a range of solutions that consider commonalities among industries and fit to your unique needs.

Servicing those in our greater Cleveland area and across the nation, our Power BI analytics will…

  • Keep your team on the same page through sharing dashboards.
  • Monitor the pulse of your business with key business metrics.
  • Explore and analyze through posing questions that are answered in reports.
  • Connect all of your data to ensure the integrity and keep everything up to date.
  • Drill down into your data to find underlying issues.


See What Else Your Data Has to Offer with Vizion:

Vizion Solutions is featured in Microsoft's partner showcase for our industry-leading BI solutions. See why we beat out the rest and are a top Microsoft Partner.

Sick of spending your resources writing reports instead of working on projects? Read this case study to see how our client freed up over 80 hours a week!

Not sure why data analytics is so important? Read our blog to see why Data Analytics is a necessary WIN for your business to stay ahead of the curve.

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Our Solutions are Available on All Devices!

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Access your reports no matter where you are. Our tools are mobile and available on all devices so you can always stay connected.

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