What Is Freight Analytics?

A collection of two apps that work on two levels, visibility and leverage. The Freight Spend App will provide you with visibility to your small parcel spend and the "What If" Contract Analysis App allows you to compare carriers to achieve leverage in shipping negotiations. You'll be able to dive into invoices, find hidden fees, ensure your contract is most effective, and identify opportunities for savings.


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Are you aware of the additional fees or accessorial charges being assessed to your shipments? 

For example, there's a fee for trucks to deliver in a residential area. There are fees for shipments to some rural areas. Incorrect addresses, package is too heavy, package is too wide.........there are fees for everything!  Our Freight Spend app allows you to identify those charges and take action to eliminate them through our easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and reports.


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Gain Leverage

The other value that freight analytics brings is leverage. Our "What If" Contract Analysis App provides you with leverage going into carrier negotiations for new contracts. Compare and contrast carriers' associated costs, test flexible discount percentages to see your return, and go into negotiations with tools and the knowledge to get the best result for you.

We believe that combined, the use of these two apps could result in 5-20% savings of your total freight spend. 

Why the Freight App?

Designed to quickly expose opportunities buried in data, the Vizion360® Freight App allows you to gain better insight into parcel shipping invoices and costs. When you expose information that carriers aren't highlighting in invoices, parcel logistics becomes simplified with a week-to-week identification of profit opportunities on all your freight expenses.

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Companies that can ID opportunities to reduce their parcel costs can instantly increase their profitability.


What's the Business Value?

  • Increase profitability with exposure to accessorial and extra charges on bills
  • Gain actionable insights and make data support decisions for shipping operations
  • Analyze freight spend across multi-attributes by zone, service, invoice, customer, and more
  • One location for all your parcel expenses to be monitored 
  • ID refund opportunities from parcel carrier invoices directly uploaded into the app
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Our Freight Apps
Freight Spend
Contract Analysis "What If"
  • Data from carriers uploaded into app
  • Leverage with carrier negotiations
  • Improve profitability


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