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Increase Your Profitability by Using Vizion360® Freight Analytics

Designed to quickly impact your business by delivering your parcel freight data in a way you’ve never seen before. Actionable dashboards and interactive reporting will immediately allow your organization to spot trends, identify opportunities and start saving thousands of dollars annually on your parcel freight expenses! 

freight spend app

Companies that can identify opportunities to reduce their parcel shipping costs can instantly increase their profitability. The Vizion360® Freight Spend App is designed to quickly expose these opportunities, allowing you to gain better insight into your parcel shipping invoices and costs. These insights can lead to huge savings on both inbound and outbound freight. 

Business Value

By exposing information that carriers are not highlighting on their invoices, we simplify the complexity of parcel logistics allowing for “timely” week-to-week identification of profit opportunities on all your freight expenses.

  • A single location for all your parcel expenses to be monitored.
  • Supports multiple carriers – UPS & Fed Ex connectors included.
  • Increase Profitability - Exposure to accessorial and extra charges that you may be missing on your bills or unaware exist.
  • Identify refund opportunities that exist in your Parcel carrier invoices (Guaranteed Service Refunds).
  • Instantly gain actionable insights and start to make data supported decisions for your shipping operations.
  • Easily analyze in seconds your freight spend across multi-attributes by zone, service, invoice, customer, state and more... 
  • Period over Period performance tracking of Inbound and Outbound Freight Shipments.

Start to identify cost savings the carriers are NOT highlighting on your invoices!

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Ohio Travel Bag: A Case Study

By Vizion Solutions
August 09, 2018 Category: Case Studies, Manufacturing, Wholsale, ERP Systems

What I have since realized using Vizion360 is that it wasnt the ERP system, it was our ability to get information out of it I now love our ERP, and we have canceled our approved budget to replace it. - Brian B., VP of Finance Purchasing Vizion360 Extends the Life of Wholesalers ERP, Enables E-Commerce Capabilities and Provides Transformative Insights In 2017, Ohio Travel Bag (OTB) had a frustration not uncommon to most companies, they had an ERP system that fit their business well, but they could not get the data they needed from it. A common issue with most ERP software solutions is that they are built to be transactional and getting sufficient reporting out the ERP itself is limited at best. The Situation OTB provides hardware solutions in solid brass, zinc-diecast, steel, stainless steel and plastic for luggage, handbags, cases, leather jewelry and leather goods to customers all over the world. OTB stocks over 8,000 items with a diverse selection of goods to remain the

Case Study - Inventory Application

By Eric Litras
August 31, 2017 Category: Case Studies

Company Background Client is a leading provider of customized manufacturing solutions serving organizations in a variety of industries with technically sophisticated manufacturing and quality requirements. Their products can be utilized in many industries including industrial automation, medical, military and aerospace, instrumentation, computer communications and radio frequency-enabled products. Industry leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality performance automobile and boating parts and accessories. Business Issue As a contract manufacturer, our client is constantly faced with the challenge of balancing efficient inventory levels while maintaining high levels of flexibility to remain agile to respond to dynamic patterns of customer demand. Their general inventory levels, and especially, their excess and obsolete stock levels were rising and the they needed to get better visibility into why. Vizions Solution for Client Success This projects success lay in the ability

Case Study - Customer/Product Profitability

By Eric Litras
August 29, 2017 Category: Case Studies, Manufacturing Industry, Distribution Industry

Company Background Industry - Manufacturing and Distribution A top North American snack food private label supplier that uses advanced technology with innovative packaging solutions. Business Issue To maintain their status as anindustry leader and to continue their growth trajectory, the Client desired to impact their bottom line by finding ways to improve their profitability. To do so, they realized they needed to look beyond traditional financial reporting if they were to truly realize the profitability of their customers and products and uncover those improvement opportunities. Vizions Solution for Client Sucess The Vizion360 Customer/Product Profitability App uses data obtained from sales and finance departments to provide access to precise profitability statistics. To do so, we worked with the client to develop and refine customer and product profitability calculations by understanding and allocating fixed, variable and semi-variable profitability factors. More accurate profitability

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