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What's Included

In need of an easy, clear, and thorough report to help you measure and manage your business?

Our solution takes data stored in your business systems and transforms it into performance statistics that you can use based on your specific needs. We use different types of reporting based on needed action.


  • Dashboards - Data visualization showing your Key Metrics, Scorecard, Trends, and KPIs


  • Analytic Templates - Templates to pinpoint and simplify information that is in specific, complex data


  • Automated Reports - Real-time updated reports that have automated & scheduled delivery to needed recipients



Let's Break it Down for YOUR Needs

Our solution, Vizion360® Impact Analytics, will process and organize all of your transactional data in a way that makes it easy to view and use to make better decisions. It can help identify factors that drive your KPIs so you're performance metrics will improve and you'll operate more efficiently.

We know metrics, analytics, and data is different from business to business. Here at Vizion we split our analytics into four categories to keep it focused:

  • Customer Focused Analytics
    • Sales, Orders, Service
  • Financial Focused Analytics
    • Point of Sale (POS), Finance, Accounts Receivable
  • Supply Chain Focused Analytics
    • Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchasing
  • Customer & Product Profitability Analytics

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