New Case Study in Manufacturing: Libra Industries, Inc.

Libra Industries Case Study


Bob Hanzie, CFO of Libra Industries, said, “Vizion brought together great project management and technical skills to deliver a quality application that has allowed us to improve our operations.” Vizion Solutions made Libra’s life a little easier with the services we provided. In this case study, we briefly outline the company’s operations and the problem they had faced. We then explain our customized solution and the results of the implementation.

For a large firm that worked on a contractual base, the company was unable to efficiently identify and respond to customer demand and patterns. Libra Industries has excellent customer approval ratings, and to keep up with competition and keep those ratings high, a new system was needed.

Vizion filled Libra’s needs with a custom shop floor management application. Vizion uses personal communication and customization to create the perfect solution that fits their client’s mold and fixes their most important problems. Vizion’s solution for Libra gave them the ability to track and audit status of complex work orders, improved their accountability, bettered their inventory management, and more.

Read all about Vizion’s custom solutions for this manufacturing firm here! Don’t forget to Contact Us if you have any questions or potential problems that Vizion can solve!

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