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Manage Your Time, Cost and People with Data

It's overwhelming and frustrating to better operations when performance information is all over the place. Data comes from all departments, processes can differ among heads and you're trying to keep your head above water with everyone as you search for improvement solutions. ERP is often the answer, but it can get complicated and costly.

Is there an affordable way to get accurate data that you can be utilized by the front line and upper management? A way to bridge gaps that create room for improved operations? Vizion Solutions has been providing data analytics that grow the top line, improve profitability, increase productivity and manage risk for over 15 years. Our tools offer you a way to harness the power of your data and make measurable changes and improvements.


Better than ERP, Power BI is the Answer

How do you capitalize on growth opportunities, better your performance numbers and find gaps that may be costing you? Business Intelligence. Data automation is a key component in optimizing your opportunity and leads to better resource allocation. Vizion360 Impact Analytics is a Microsoft Power BI solution that can save you a lot of hours and a lot of overhead.

We are a Gold Partner with Microsoft and are a Cloud Service Provider, so we always have the latest in BI and analytics technology. Our solutions and apps are mobile friendly and constantly updating in real time, even across dashboards shared with your team or other departments. Keeping everyone that needs the visibility happy, in-the-know and on the same page.

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This interactive report shows scheduled labor hours, direct hours, and efficiency by month. Drilling down by employee, month and even product or customer allows for better identification of gaps and opportunities.

We Have an App for That

Have you ever been sent a data spreadsheet that holds too much jumbled information and takes hours to analyze? Don't worry, we have an app for that.

Our solutions are separated and custom by areas of focus: Supply Chain, Customer Focused, Customer/Product Profitability and Financial. Each solution includes apps that allow for even more focus. Supply Chain, for example, has analytic apps for manufacturing, inventory and purchasing.

This structure allows for the most efficient and effective use of your data. With Vizion's Power BI solutions, you can …

  • Keep your team on the same page through sharing dashboards.
  • Monitor the pulse of your business with key business metrics.
  • Explore and analyze through posing questions that are answered in reports.
  • Connect all of your data to ensure the integrity and keep everything up to date.
  • Drill down into your data to find underlying issues.

See What Else Your Data Has to Offer with Vizion:

Vizion Solutions is featured in Microsoft's partner showcase for our industry-leading BI solutions. See why we beat out the rest and are a top Microsoft Partner.

Bob Hanzie, CFO of Libra, says Vizion "has allowed us to improve our operations". See how you can better your operational efficiency by reading this case study.

Vizion is Recognized for outstanding Power BI solutions by Microsoft. A Certified Gold Partner, see why Microsoft chose to highlight our partnership.

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