Does your process for producing reports for analysis suffer from bottlenecks?

'Bottleneck' - A point of congestion in a system that occurs when workloads arrive at a given point more quickly than that point can handle them.

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The biggest bottlenecks in the report production process are caused by human intervention.  You’re talking about dealing with enormous amounts of data that needs to be brought in from multiple source systems. With that much data, there's too much room for error and overstepping when it's handled manually.

The data has to be cleansed and lined up properly and there are usually complex business rules and filters that need to be applied.  It’s too much to ask a human to keep up with the work a computer should be doing.

Consider what you are giving up if you continue to put people in the middle of a report development process that should be automated:

Speed – your reports won’t always be ready when you NEED them
Hours – If you were to audit how many hours your staff spends building recurring reports, the cost may surprise you.  Aren’t there better things you could have your people doing for you?
Throughput – people have limits that computers don’t.  If you rely too much on human intervention you will be limited in the sophistication of the analyses you can perform in an effort to improve your business.

Our Vizion360® Analytics Solutions are Business Intelligence solutions that take humans out of the report building process wherever possible.  Our clients spend less time building reports and more time using their information to run their businesses more effectively while improving efficiency.

We’d love to tell you more about our proven industry analytic solutions, the amazing people who hone their skillset every day building these solutions and how easy it can be for you to open up a whole new level of data-driven analytic capability. Give us a call or drop us a line

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